Granitis Ltd is established on 20/12/2002 by Mr. Isa Hyka and Mr. loanidhis Charalampos, as an Albanian-Greek joint partnership, with headquarters in Elbasan city, Albania.

Its activity consists of production and marketing within and outside the country of materials being used for construction, as there are various kinds of mortars and adhesives, tile adhesive, grout, stucco, waterproofing items, varnishes for inter-nal use and facade, decorative plasters etc. Technological equipments are imported from Greece, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, while the patents of production of raw material products and auxiliary are provided from these countries too.

Supervision of technological production procedures for the products and their quality is performed by specialists of German Company Vaker-Polimer-Dowolf, a company carrying out permanent scientific and technical assistance at Grani-tis Company. Thanks to investments carried out continuously in technological field and training of our staff in Germany, we have constantly improved our production quality by fulfilling the consumer interests.

“Granitis” Company has realized its first products early 2003. The first results were modest and the number of products was limited. Thanks to insisting work and the requirements of management staff of the company, the range of products has been constantly increased by improving their quality too. Devotion toward clients and increase of the quality of services naturally affected expansion of sales market and revenue growth. In parallel, the scale of investments is increased, intending introduction of new equipments and lines. Besides the expansion and improvement of existing prod-ucts, since 2008, our company is certified by Specialized Company for International Standards ISO 9001-2008.

Early 2012, “Granitis” Company renewed “International Certificate of European Community” CE, targeting European market. Nowadays, the parameters of our products are competitive with those of imported ones, specifically in the field of produc-tion of thermo isolation and adhesive materials. The quality and guarantee of our products has continuously expanded and increased the market we operate in. Since 2003, when “Granitis” was launched until now, our products can be found all over the Albanian markets, with the ambitious aim to get launched to the international markets with qualitative products of standards as certified by ISO 9001-2008 and CE.

MISSION AND TARGET: The company mission is to be leader among companies offering the plaster products and raw materials needed in the sector of civil and industrial constructions. This can be achieved by creation of excellent stan¬dards via service quality, increasing incomes and higher rentability. Being a model company, able to attract, encourage and organize a reliable staff with adequate skills, constitutes a constant premise for the possibility of achieving the mission of company. Briefly, the main vision of the company is its transformation into a reliable and successful entity.